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Mou Saha - "The Holding Heart"

For the month of February Harmony Brookside gallery is proud to show "The Holding Heart" exhibition from Chester artist, Mou Saha.  A successful illustrator and talented mixed media artist, Mou's pieces are  charming and delightful, embracing the whimsy of love.  

Exhibition runs from 4-29  February 2020

previous exhibitions

Andrea Geller - Jan 2020


Andrea Geller's "Bath Series  portrayed the ritual of bathing, inspiring renewal of body, mind and spirit.  Stunning oils on square wood panels were a delight for the senses.

Prints for Good - December 2019


December exhibition celebrated prints by talented artists.  With whimsy and charm, these kid-focused prints included a donation to a school library in New Jersey.

Denise Bobinski - November 2019


A fascinating collection of original pieces showcasing American dwellings from artist, Denise Bobinski.  This exhibit highlighted the contrast in architectural style between Newark and Sante Fe, Provincetown and Abiquiu.   Influenced by Normal Rockwell, Denise's pastel works draws our focus to the human need for shelter.  

Delia Quigley - October 2019


Presenting a new series of colorful Mandalas, Delia's incredible artworks  mesmerized and enchanted.  This exhibition also featured a collection of off-the-wall sculptures from Mexico.

Justin Brubaker - September 2019


Justin Brubaker's impressionistic oil seascapes and landscapes  perfectly captured the joy of Cape Cod.  Justin's use of light, color and simple composition brought the seas to life.  Breathtaking.

Summer Dreaming - August 2019


As part of Harmony Brookside’s Gallery Al Fresco event, the August exhibition comprised one work from each artist involved in the outdoor show, with a portion of each sold piece donated to the Unstoppable Girls BCC fundraiser.

Gregory Egan - June 2019


Bold and eye-catching, Gregory Egan's digital paintings made for a joyful exhibition.  With a retro feel and whimsical angle these colorful canvases were a big hit!

Nick Kobyluch - May 2019


Showcasing Nick Kobyluch's wonderful, vibrant, contemporary watercolors of English landscapes as a celebration of the gallery's one year anniversary.

Daryl Hastings - April 2019


Part Two of Daryl Hastings' fabulous paintings, this was a whole range of subjects captured beautifully on paper, from florals to barns and fields to gorges.

Daryl Hastings - March 2019


Part One of contemporary artist, Daryl Hasting's exhibitions, "Barns and Abstrations" showcased the connections between realistic and abstract art.

Martin Slayne - February 2019


"Love & Diversity" was our February theme with Martin Slayne's Parisien images and British telephone boxes.  People-watching on the gallery wall.

Shy Raguso - January 2019


Showcasing her gentle, calming trees capes in oil and watercolor, Shy Raguso took us on an impressionistic walk in the woods.

Katie Angell - December 2019


Local graphic artist, Katie Angell, brought her witty, whimsical prints to the gallery for a sell-out festive month.

David Patino - November 2018


Commercial photographer, David Patino's "Beards: So Cool" exhibition was the inspiration and showpiece of a month of fundraising for men's health issues.

John Weisgerber - October 2018


From The Gemini Company, our Curious Halloween exhibition featured shrunken heads, decorative skulls and other curiosities.

Susan Decker - September 2018


Susan's inspiration from the colors of sky and seascapes created a calming, ethereal gallery experience.

Burt Plotkin - August 2018


From the Sante Fe studio of professional photographer Burt Plotkin, we loved hosting these colorful, uplifting pieces of art.

Nick Kobyluch - June 2018


These vibrant, lively watercolors of London landmarks marked the first US exhibition of this British artist.

Alison Scherr - May 2018


Showcasing works on metal, plexiglass and glass, Alison's gorgeous art brought spring vibrancy and color to the gallery's opening exhibition.

If you would like to submit work for exhibit in Harmony Brookside's gallery please email with a sample of your work, details of where you have exhibited previously and indication of price range.