open tuesday - saturday, 10:30am - 5pm

It all began...

...on a soccer pitch!

Yes really!  When Sally Harris and Ella Slayne, two British expats originally from Yorkshire, met on a chilly New Jersey morning watching a 5th grade soccer match, they clicked right away and the seed for Harmony Brookside was sown.

Six years later ...

They own a shop and art gallery!  Harmony Brookside is in the heart of Brookside in Mendham Township and takes its name from the Harmony Brook which runs next to it.

We're not entirely sure what makes Harmony Brookside so special.  Maybe it's the quaint historic building, or perhaps it's because of the babbling brook, or it could be the fabulous local community.

Whatever it is, one thing's certain; Harmony Brookside is a welcoming and inviting place for people to gather and browse a selection of gifts and art that are ... well, a little bit different.

Using their British roots as inspiration, the Harmony Brookside team source  items from both sides of the pond and are  very particular about the products that make it into the store .

Which means that you can be sure to find something unique and surprising.

So come on over and see what's new!